Took a week off but we have a new Podcast! New tunes by Dustin Wong + Minekawa + Good Willsmith, Benoit Pioulard + ant'lrd, Chihei Hatakeyama, From the Mouth of the Sun, Mary Lattimore, Landing....So many good collaborations on this one! Serene drone to spaced-out shoegaze. 

dustin wong + takako minekawa + good willsmith - "The garden of earthly flanger" exit future heart (umor rex)

Opening a dream-come-true collaborative record between the fruitve duo work of Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa and the Chicago trio Good Willsmith, "The Garden of Earthly Flanger" is a perfect ease into an album full of huge twists and turns as each group seizes on different musical ideas and follows them down until they are traced back to the initial synapse firing. Which I assume sounds something like this record. BTW, if you haven't listened to Ponytail since 2009, shit still holds up. 

Benoit Pioulard & ant'lrd - "Docene" Deck Amber (Sounds et al)

Another pairing of musicians that seems too good to be true. The two PNW musicians whose music has circled each other in hazy chemtrails have finally formed one slipstream of shared creative output. "Docene" seems to gather both at their most streamlined and serene, both contributing drones and sustained tones that form eliding currents, bringing together each musicians best ambient tendencies when their output has the tendency to stray a bit from that source - Pioulards into hushed folk and ant'lrd into swirling, percussive synth sounds. This is off their double cassette "Deck Amber" out this June. 

Chihei Hatakeyama - "blue reminder" Scene (Constellation Tatsu)

At this point its hard to imagine Chihei Hatakeyama making anything less than perfect ambient record. For his latest on Constellation Tatsu the Japanese guitarist pours molten tone after molten tone on top of each other until something burnished and refined is formed. Suspended movement held forever. 

Endurance - "Menicus Opulens" Shade Terranium (Constellation Tatsu)

Another flawless diamond by the Canadian born, Japanese artist Joshua Stefane. While the tape itself dips into harsher and more percussive tones, "Menicus Opulens" matches "Blue Reminder" in pace and patient unfolding. The prolific artist has had more than a few great tapes come out in 2017-2018 and its easy to imagine he's just hitting his stride. 

Alex Crispin - "Rosewater" Open Submission (Constellation Tatsu)

As most nu-new age musicians, Alex Crispin is not married to his new age prodecessors aesthetics or closed loop comidifcation of spirituality. His compositions, especially on "Rosewater" are big-hearted works that utilze elements of ambient music and drone to create transportive set-pieces and aural soundscapes that don't require that you exit through the gift shop.

Mary Lattimore - "Never Saw Him Again" Hundreds of Days (Ghostly International)

In what will easily be one of the year's most lauded records, Hundreds of Days is peak Mary Lattimore. Using the harp as her primary musical and emotional vehicle, Lattimore creates worlds within worlds of sound that resemble the resonant rich language of something infinite and pure. Written while a part of an artist reatreat, Lattimore describes her time there as a "nostalgia detox". A deep cleansing and rooting in the present and future, viewing the past as a teacher, not a roomate. *Note to self.*

From the Mouth of the Sun - "About the Death of Stars" Sleep Stations (Lost Tribe Sound)

Continuing on this theme of ace collaborations, Dag Rosenqvist & Aaron Martin's project From the Mouth of the Sun continue to push the duo's string and piano compositions into places filled with ubending grace with gradual shades of foreboding. It's an album to spend a few days getting lost in and establishes the two musicians as absolute masters of their trade. 

Jacksen Elswyth - "Rye Whiskey" Betwixt & Between 1 (Betwixt & Between)

Jacksen Elswyth, a UK-based musician presents the first of his Betwixt and Between series wherein Elswyth interpets traditional American folk songs. Elsewhere on this tape Elswyth is joined by improvisers Laurel Uziell and David Grundy for a rich session of lo-fi electronics and acoustic resonance.

Landing - "By Two" Bells in New Towns (El Paraiso Records)

It's so nice to hear new music from the legendary space-rock, shoegaze band Landing. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the New Haven, Conneticut trio are putting out some of their most vital music after being a band for 20 years this year. These are full-throated songs that seem to have been recorded with the intuitive ear for melody and carefully balanced tone that comes after long-term commitments and settled space-sharing. Lush and spacious, Landing pull out a late-game stunner.

Carriers - "Daily Battle" Peace of Mine/Daily Battle Cassette (Old Flame Records)

Dualism is a lie that we were supposed to have transcended at this point. The mind/body, god/man seperation that throws gulfs between our existence and our purpose takes incredible effort to acknowledge and the exact opposite to begin to mend. This "Daily Battle" seems to be at the heart of this B-Side to the Carriers' debut cassette on Old Flame. The Cincinnati group (with, for recording purposes, include members of the Afghan Whigs and The National) hit somewhere between Laurel Canyon earnest psych-rock filtered through ambience and ether-reality of a shoegaze quintet hitting their stride. Expect to hear about this band. 

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New podcast with a truly stunning collection of songs by xu, Blue Nude, Porya Hatami & Arovane, Proud Father, Courtesy and Kyle Bobby Dunn. S'get it.

xu - "it's been more than that" whispers my world (eilean rec)

Xu, the moniker of Italian artist Nicola Fornasari, is a wonderfully understated album full of slight, gossamer melodies that elide into one another and music box percussion that winds its own idiosyncratic rhythm through the composition. Another top-notch release for Eilean Rec.

Porya Hatami & Arovane - "Onva" Kaziwa (n5md)

An incredibly fertile pairing of Berlin composer Arovane and Iranian ambient and experimental artist Porya Hatami. The two create soundscapes of immeasurable depth beneath delicate unfolding piano and delicate, intertwining melodies.

Proud Father - "輝く畑が再訪される" Creations for Electric Guitar (Reserve Matinee)

Creations for Electric Guitar is a loving and obvious tribute to Manuel Göttsching, Shining Fields, the New Orleans artist responsible for this komische rave-up loads all available ear-space with arpeggio after arpeggio creating ping-ponging stereo effects that draws one into the grid and never lets go. 


Holy shit. Puff Boys. Where have you been? This 1980's Japanese-ambient tape has me sprung. Totally simplistic and beautiful little slices of walking-in-the-rain-but-it's-still-sunny magic. 


kyle bobby dunn - "The searchers" KBd / wrt (whited sepulchre records)

A bit of a self indulgent add here, but Kyle's new LP on the record label I run is a piece of work that stops you dead in your tracks. Set against the backdrop of the American West, Kyle's shimmering guitar tones sound like mournful trumpets sounding across wide open mesas and deep crevasses. It's a composition to take in one sitting, broad and bright and panoramic in scope. 

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It's really nice to hear new stuff from Will McCall. I am most familiar with his soft-energy drone work under Goat Lightning a few years back. With his work with Healers, Will sinks deep into Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian Territory with the sound of strummed guitar chords falling over each other down some marble staircase, warbled heat-death drones punctuating the thick gauze and sing-song vocals catching fluctuations in the atmosphere and spin off into the ether. The video, set against super-imposed images of bare forests, coursing, viscous liquid and metastasizing plastic bags, is shot in the warm, lo-fi world of consumer grade video tape. "Destroyer ID" is off of i out now Ingrown Records - the album is a wonderful slice of throwback hypnagogic pop music we consumed like water back in the mid-aughts. 

Cop the tape here

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Featuring tracks off of Grouper's almost-too-beautiful Grid of Points, Naps/Lung Cycles tour tape, soaring shoegaze from ANMLPLNT, newcomer Only Swallow, Swedish duo Luton, percussionist wünder-human Dane Rousay and Dayton, OH percussion duo Neutrals.

grouper - "driving" Grid of points (kranky)

What actually needs to be said about Liz Harris's new album Grid of Points? Continuing Ruins' aching piano ballads ringing notes out into the thick aural fog that permeates every Grouper track, "Driving" offers a poignancy that seems universal even while mourning a very specific loss. Essential music for being a human/existing.

naps / lung cycles "First" / "Rvc" split cassette (lily tapes and discs)

I was lucky enough to catch Philadelphia, PA artist Jason Calhoun (naps) and Rochester, NY based Benjamin Lovell (Lung Cycles) on a recent tour. Both artists inhabit a world of floating, sustained drones that change hue and shade as they gradually unfold. Both artists retain their unique musical identities throughout their releases with naps falling into worlds of pointilist modulation and Lung Cycles often employing tape loops, voice and guitar to obscure a tender voice and song. 

anmlplnet "ride" fall asleep (ba da bing!)

On "Ride", the musical duo of SLOTHRUST's Leah Wellbaum and drummer/singer Mickey Vershbow blow the whole song wide-open 3/4 of the way through the song with a roaring swoop of shoegazing guitars atop Vershbow's full-kit pounding into a fist-pumping anthem of getting one's shit together. One of my favorite 2018 musical moments and a major highlight of an album of endless peaks.

only swallow "i can hear you through the walls" stars die, people die (aurawire)

Mysterious swath of synth-bliss from Exeter, UK. Wonderful build up from synthetic wavescapes to ever-ascending arpeggiated star road. Moar plz?

luton "södermalm phantom cab" black box animals (lost tribe sound)

The Italian duo currently residing in Sweden have cast a wide net on their new album. Black Box Animals engulfs whole swaths electronic processing, sweeping strings, woodwinds that evoke moods ranging from tension to wonder. Shadows shift within and between songs, stalking the borderlands of the world as it is and an imagining of the world as it could be. Top notch stuff as always from Lost Tribe Sound.

dane rousay "definitive attributes" divide (already dead)

I always look forward to new work from the San Antonio based percussionist. Able to balance exploration into the seemingly endless sound profile of a drum kit with a keen sense of tension-building and release, Dane is an artist I look forward to seeing continue to stake out new collaborative works while still releasing boundary-pushing solo work. 

neutrals "cleveland" 0318 (alien passengers)

The Dayton, OH percussion duo of Evan Miler and Andrew Seivert have the uncanny ability to pull in sound from seemingly every surface and resonating body. Nothing seems out of place when everything is sound. The duo create improvised works out of studied composition that draw in electronics, percussion, vibraphone and found objects to create a sound bath that is difficult to get out of once you've settled in and made yourself comfortable. 

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Bryce Hample's (aka Reighnbeau) latest electro-acoustic track under the name HEDIA is a stunner. The crisp resonance of strings, low-key glitches, muted pianos, all come together to create a piece of music that deserves to be scored by something large, lush and panoramic. Raya Kim's time-lapsed moving-photography of forests that seem to change seasons in the blink of an eye, tennis courts indifferent to human activity, the mysterious gradations of blackness of a body of water illuminated by moonlight; these images are I-Max quality in terms of resolution and sheer grandeur. But I would suggest watching it the way I did, on your phone laid horizontally on a flat surface. The images are so crisp and the music is so engaging that you get the distinct feeling that you unwittingly opened a tiny portal to another dimension on your desk and you are getting some god-eye view of a place too pure for humans. 

Download 'Untitled 1' here

HEDIA - untitled 1 from BRYCE HAMPLE on Vimeo.

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headband - "jinx in space" magnetic earth (unifactor)

Magnetic Earth is composed, supposedly, as a space odyssey. Listening beyond the laser-gun zaps and phasers set to stun, Jinx in Space is upheld by a crystalline drone that sounds sub-atomic, like the sound of some kind yet-to-be-mined of alien-crystals forming and communicating to one another. Duncan Moore has created a fascinating tape here that seems to welcome our attachment to foley sound effects that shape how we view space travel.

mshr - "laughter construction" phased trance constructions (unifactor)

Birch Cooper and Breanna Murphy create multi-sensory experiences that "meshes digital sculpture, analog circuitry and ceremonial performance." The duo creates their own synthesizers and work with "3d modeling programs to design virtual reality spaces, embedded with generative computer music systems."

christian mirande - "tohickon" property line / plunge pool (unifactor) 

Christian Mirande's "Tohickon" is a wonderfully placid dip into a bit of fragmentary ambience that sounds as if it was scrawled with wet fingers onto a hot pool deck. It fades as soon as it makes an impression, creating transitory streaks that slowly change their elemental make up as it evaporates.

marta smilga - "mare orientale" lunar maria, vol 1 (crash symbols)

Marta SmiLga is a Latvian experimental musician and creator of synthesizers. On Lunar Maria, Marta's exploratory ambient-synth passages focus on those dark lunar shadows that were once thought of as seas. Likewise, her synth work delves deep into inaccessible crevices and shadows, conjuring dark and otherworldly sounds and tones. It's an impressive collection of deep and mysterious compositions.

i am just a pupil "conspiracy" the white album (crash symbols)

Intentionally hilarious and rowdy, this album will never get old for me. On "Conspiracy" i am just a pupil mines some of Alex Jones' "lighter" moments where the reliable Trump news source host slips out of his on-the-brink of aneurysm mode to share with us some really great news. It's on like Donkey Kong. 

house of blondes - "modern clock" time trip (alrealon musique)

Locked in step with an internal clock that syncs to Casper Noe's "Enter the Void", the NYC minimal techno quartet create lock-step grooves built upon the linear progression and manipulation of time. It's heady and visceral. 

S oliwa "limits" lost memories (geology records)

I was really excited to see this pairing of the Argentina-based ambient artist and the Milwaukee record label, Geology. If you are familiar with both of these parties you have some sense of what you are in for. Intense emotional content of nameless joy and ennui packaged to be an object of great internal value. S Oliwa soft arpeggios and prismatic drones are on full, hi-res display here, transforming the most mundane activities into soundtracked golden moments.

Fritz Pape "B (excerpt)" Drone Marathon #1 (Futurerecordings)

In March 2018 Cincinnati's Fritz Pape dedicated himself to completing a 5 hour "Drone Marathon" at a local bar that inexplicably lets things like this go on (big ups to Urban Artifact and their sour beers). The result is a shimmering, all-encompassing eddy of sound; gentle gentle cycles and long, arcing melodies processed through a coffin-sized case of pedals. For all of the processing and stretching of tones, clear piano notes ring through rooting these compositions in corporeal states of being. Like being acutely aware of the dirty linoleum floor you are lying on in hour 3 1/2 of a 5 hour composition. 

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Lot's of great new tracks this week by Sarah Davachi, Bradley Sean Alexander, Sonae, William Selman, the legendary Bush Tetras, Drinks, Wilmoth Axel and AMULETS. Let's get to it!

sarah davachi - "buhrstone" Let night come on bells end the day" (recital program)

Following up two masterful record on Students of Decay, Let Night Come...represents some of Davachi's warmest and most wide-open compositions to date. Composed primarily on mellotron and electric organ, "Buhrstone" is streaked with gorgeous passages of neo-classical strings and patient, plodding piano lines that make up the backbone of this graciously unfolding piece. 

bradley sean alexander - "light pillars" Cascade (pyramid blood) 

Bradley Sean Alexander, moniker for the Polar Seas Recordings mastermind, has created another album of weighted drones that float in that impossible iceberg way. Something with so much mass still able to achieve a state of untethered lightness. 

sonae - "dream sequence" i started wearing black (monika enterprise)

In an album that is filled with minimal techno beats and crackling noise that sound like ghost sheets rustling across a wooden floor, "Dream Sequence" with its resonant bowed strings, carries all of the dread, unease and pointillist sadness that pours from this record. It's a tough, but cathartic listen. Ruminations on haunting melancholia, body politics and a clamoring, world-weary malaise.

william selman - "Thick description" musica enterrada (mysteries of the deep)

"What if music had no beginning, no end? Can music exist "for itself" or "of itself," without structure constraining it, defining it? Can music be non-linear, non-narrative, simply experiential, existential?" The press release from which this quote is taken is careful to note that the new album by William Selman does not answer or suppose this question, but it is tempting enough to segment all of the sounds - the bubbling, tripping, burping fragments -outside of their larger context and just let them reside without any attempt to constrain or corral them. The result would come close to this wonderful little slice of non-linear soundscaping by William Selman. 

bush tetras - "don't stop it" take the fall (wharf cat)

Called "the missing link between Television and Sonic Youth", Bush Tetras are back with their first new music in over 10 years. The result is a band, well worn by life, exploring their present environs by ripping the heads off of some of these tracks. Like how Dead Moon seem to hit one of their many strides much later in their career, Bush Tetras channel the jittery, slash-and-burn guitar attacks of their youth and the subsequent bands that have paid tribute to their vision. 

drinks - "corner shops" hippo lite (drag city)

The more spins this album gets the more brilliant it seems. It's hard to stop. Drinks is the sophomore collaboration between White Fences' Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon. Recorded in rural France in a secluded, but crumbling house, Hippo Lite is an album that betrays its somewhat simple facade and reveals something more knotty, humid and life-affirming. Out on 04/20 on Drag City.

wilmoth axel "you don't have to be right all the god damned time" resonation (personal archives)

"You don't have to be right all the Goddamned time". "You don't have to come out on top in every single fucking encounter". "Just take a moment, calm the hell down". "Sit alone with yourself. Sit alone with yourself and look at your reflection". I've found my new personal mantra for positive living. PNW experimental musicians create music that sounds like it's falling apart at all the right times and in all the right places. Fearless exploration of sound takes the piss out of careerist and centrist rock trappings that were ever embedded in a 12-bar blues scale. 

amulets - "finite light" standard grey / amulets (tandem tapes)

Randall Taylor is a national treasure. Under the moniker AMULETS the newly relocated Portland musician has created a staggering breadcrumb trail of ambient guitar lullabies and tape looped orchestras across a variety of formats and labels. With his split with Nara, Japan's Standard Grey for the excellent Indonesian label Tandem Tapes, AMULETS runs stretched and warped melodies over a shallow ocean floor of scraping/pulling/creaking found-sound/noise loops to create 17 minutes of well-won bliss. 

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This podcast makes a pretty large stylistic shift about halfway through. See if you can catch it. Some real ambient bangers on here. Enjoy!

félicia atkinson - "abiquiu" coyotes (geographic north)

A new release by Félicia Atkinson is always something to get excited about. Coyotes is a reflection on her time while traveling through New Mexico. It's a piece of music designed to be accompany both a physical or mental journey through the blazing sun-baked ruins of an inland sea and freezing cold nights. Quilting a transporting passages composed of piano, MIDI synth, various percussive instruments and Atkinson's intimate spoken word poetry, Coyotes is to see the Southwest's topography through a stranger's eyes.

sij - "the end" the krustallos shrine (live) (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)

To really dig into the immense beauty of this album I suggest listening to the 30 minute live version of this. It's a bit long for a podcast but worth every minute of your time. The latest in the "shrine" collection released on the St. Petersburg Russia label run by Tim Six aka Creation VI. It's a gorgeous, ebullient thing. Full of organic, elemental sounds and long, curling drones that sustain themselves for eternity.

hakobune - "leaves unseen" obelisk (polar seas)

Hakobune is another artist who I get very excited about whenever I see they have a new album out. The Japanese guitarist crafts slow moving vessels of sound. Immense, yet inexplicably weightless. Carried in multiple fragments of sound until the whole thing becomes a flowing, endless current.

forest management - "untitled 6" biqui (no rent)

Biqui is a gorgeous collection of deconstructed piano pieces that sound like they were played and recorded in a hollowed out cistern. Reverberation from notes hang in the air as their ghostly doubled selves for ages, creating trails of ellipses through the rest of the composition. A beautiful, understated addition to John Daniel's canon. 


free country - "ego death" songs w/ strings (closed eyes)

This song gets me right in the feels organs. A perfect snapshot of those irrational thoughts we have that sneak up on us unexpectedly. Faustian bargains that tell us that one fleeting encounter with our dead would make up for a lifetime of careful neglect.  It's a haymaker, for sure, in an album full of songs that pack an emotional wallop. Undersung singer-songwriter straddling recalling traces of Jeff Hanson and Jim O'Rourke. You should know about this.

zapruder point - "the sprint" stars + specks (self-released)

Cincinnati-based singer-songwriter, Zapruder Point is the solo outing of Dan Zapruder Phillips. Armed with a guitar and a voice that quivers somewhere between Jason Molina and Howe Gelb, "The Sprint" sees the narrator on a cross-state drive with their son to college recalling a fateful event that projects the astral terror and sweet rewards of parenthood to a dangerous degree of emotional exactitude. 

salm - "sulphur and salt water" perched in a sycamore, hurry and come down (rat tail tapes)

While I almost exclusively associate Dane Rousay with some of the most out free-jazz and experimental music I've had the pleasure to come across, to be totally honest I'm super into this emo band Dane released on his label Rat Tail Tapes. Striking somewhere between the shamefully overlooked classic album Hotel of Lost Light by Some Ember and a countryfied Snowing, Salm is a spiritual manifestation of unmitigated yearning with, what's likely, a graduate degree in Theology. 

the midnight vein - "thieves of youth and love" the midnight vein (self-released)

If you live in Western, NY and have a cool $30 in your bank account you can order this tape and have John Toohill aka The Midnight Vein come to your house, deliver the tape and throw a party. Granted, this could be John getting drunk and playing his favorite records. But chances are there would be some gems in there judging from this tape.  Some Nuggets-era psych, some Tim Buckley maudlin, jazzy romps, some Sentridoh lo-fi hooks. You can have all of that and more, however, by spending $5 on the cassette.  It's all in there, party sold separately. 

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On this episode of Tome to the Weather Machine we put the new batches of tapes by Umor Rex and Field Hymns under the microscope. Plus some unexpected treats like some super dark/ritual ambience from Greece, noise/drone from Berlin and some homegrown, Cinci beat tape wizardry. It's lit!

byron westbrook - "drifting well / perception depth" confluence patterns (umor rex)

Kicking off this excellent batch of tapes from the Mexico City label is Brooklyn, NYC sound artist Byron Westbrook. A lapping, building surge and drone culminates and build into what Umor Rex accurately describes as a "Tony Conrad meets Black Sabbath" eternal riffing into the void. 


Nathaniel Young (Blankstairs co-founder) creates a dub album that mixes submerged, noise-scraping beats that sound like they are pulsing from well beneath the sub-basement with high-end frequencies that sound crystal clear. It's a study in contrasts that make this album a wholly unique entry into the world of cold-af dub.

logardecay "things to forget" frgl (umor rex)

Leslie García and Paloma Lopéz of Mexico City craft these compositions that exist somewhere between the intersections of ambient, drone and lo-fi techno by a series of highly experimental techniques including bioelectrical transmissions and custom-made hardware. It's a disorienting, meander through worlds of sounds that are completely unique to the duo. 

rafael anton irisarri - "vasatan" sirimiri (umor rex)

In a beautiful follow up to his 2017 release The Shameless Years also on Umor Rex, Rafael Anton Irisarri delves deep into the format. The analog process informing both the format - Sirimiri can be listened to as a 72 minute piece joined by automatic repetition - as well as the overall sound. The album starts with machinery waking up, spooling life into a tiny ribbon totally saturated with stirring drones and sun-lit ambient passages. 

Illumine - "Be Wise, Take Care (Benoit pioulard" #2 Reworks (Dauw Records)

For this rework of Illumine's song from their acclaimed album #2, the Seattle-based artist reimagines "Be Wise, Take Care" into something wholly his own. The gliding drones are sunbleached and warbled - an audio stamp from his Kranky record Sonnet - while sounding inviting and warm. A few minutes you could spend a couple of days in. 

Seth Graham - "Whisper Slap" Gasp (Orange Milk)

Pulling the rug right out from under you while you were in some kind of blissful drone-coma is the first single from one of the most anticipated and highly acclaimed albums of 2018. The Orange Milk co-founder and Dayton, OH native, Seth Graham's latest, is an album bristling with so many ideas. Classical music composed as a Jackson Pollock painting. Split seconds of innocence and beauty, 30 minutes under the sway of a complete and whole vision. This is the future of music. 

Larry Wish - "Never (Star Track)" How More Can You Need (Field Hymns)

"The robot that makes the music for the claymation children's public access shows since the 1970's is pondering its future and slowly going mad." Starting off this Field Hymns triptych that sounds like it could function as one long form composition is Larry Wish the prolific Minneapolis native who's context-heavy songs are whimsical as they are frighteningly specific to the label description in the first sentence.

lips and ribs - "weep for me" battle in nagoya (field hymns)

An 8-bit blitz through last-boss intense battle music. Sugary synths pulse like they are running straight into your vein. Keep it below 200 BPM and this bus explodes.

oxykitten "boss dog" gleeking the cube (field hymns)

Ending this vintage synth madness is "Boss Dog" by Porltand based Oxykitten. There's a lot to love here. We will start with the album's opener "Battle Choads" and end on the fact that it sounds like a self-aware Casio trying its hand at scoring a caper-heavy 70's police procedural in which one the buddy cop characters is actually just a clump of dark matter that opens wormholes into dimensions in which cats have gained the evolutional advantage. It's lit.

obliferous - "y e l l o w t r a f f i c - light" softboy ep (self-released)

The Cinci noise/hip-hop/experimental producer's latest beat tape is a narcotic nighttime drive through a city with no lights on. Understated beats with healthy amounts of drones that teeter on that knife edge of too much distortion to keep the album's emotional trajectory towards the destination of unending ache. Really excited to see where Obliferous continues to take us. 

Martyria "Nyx" Martyria (Malignant Records)

OG drone music. As in Byzantine, monastic OG music from Martyria, a Greek dark-ambient duo who's output is steeped in holiness and the occult. Feels somehow appropriate to be writing this on Easter. That sacred but mysterious pagan/Christian holiday.

Body Fool - "frk2" Stranger in a Body (Self-Released)

Berlin-based Body Fool is a powerful purveyor of darkly seductive downtempo electronic music that pulls and scrapes itself along corridors adjacent to drone and ambient music. Similar to the Logardecay record, it creates worlds that cannot be inhabited. They exist in fragmentary bursts and then fade into the mist. Album artwork by Agata Cardoso.

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On this podcast we move from haunting electronic music, to classic and contemporary avant-garde that encompasses free jazz percussion, conceptual sound art and soundscapes, to Zazz's highly moving new work. We end on a somber, yet hopeful note, with Charlie Morrow's 1970 Requiem for the Victims of Kent State - echoing our own cycle of mourning for senseless gun violence.

entrancer - "cntrl_02+cantstandstill(screwd)" process ~ 2016-2018 (obsolete future)

Denver recently lost a leading light and creative power house in the bodily form of Colin Ward. Colin's multiple projects (alpahbets, Killd By) and his vociferous output of unending quality content was Ryan McRyhew's inspiration for releasing Process. Process is a data dump of "fragments, single takes and live recordings" destined for purging on McRyhew's hard drive, but inspired by and as a testament to Colin's constant creative energy, Entrancer comprised these tracks into a mixtapes of sorts and released them into the world. We are glad he did.

ross khmil - "market of rats" ocean plaza tunnels (lovecrypt)

Recorded after exploring (and arrested for) the tunnels beneath the Ocean Plaza mall in Kiev, Ukraine where the hyper-prolific musician lives, Ross Khmil provides a soundtrack for that experience in recollection. Lo-fi beat riding and vocal samples take us through a labyrinth of never ending beige hallways and fluorescent lighting. Released on the amazing Shanghai, China label Lovecrypt.


The former SLC-now-Portland experimental artist uses multiple VCRs as the hardware to craft expressionistic aural pop-art that draw upon cult films and pop-icons to let a world of pure Id run amok in some kind of Who Framed Roger Rabbit parallel universe. It's a lot to take in but Joe Greathouse has been honing his craft for years.

charlie morrow - "wave music iv - drums and bugles (1980)" toot! too (recital)

"Recital presents the first vinyl LP by composer/event-maker Charlie Morrow. Toot! Too culls performance recordings from 1970 to 2014. It focuses on his "Wave Music" series, which are compositions based around swarms of like-instruments; i.e. sixty clarinets, conch choruses, and army of drums and bugle horns, etc. The 1978 piece, "100 Musicians With Lights", was performed at dusk in Central Park. One hundred players (brass, reeds, percussion) congregate and march in spiral formations, playing their instrument with penlights attached to them. The piece dissipates and ends as each player marches through the park to their respective homes." Masterful collection and excellent starting point for this towering conceptual genius.

dane rousay and john kennedy - "please don't" audit (congruence)

Dual percussion attack by San Antionio percussionist Dane Rousay and unfuckinggoogleable percussionist John Kennedy create a quiet maelstrom of unconventional time signaling everything-all-at-once sound decadence that coax out golden resonance from many a repurposed artifact. A rising force in the free-jazz/experimental world, Dane Rousay continues to push their craft into new realms of creative freedom. 

similar fashion - "we watched the car sink into the puddle" portrait of (similar fashion)

Multi-instrumentalist Logan Hone leads a team of "avant-rollercoaster-jazz-n-roll" shredders into dizzying highs with nary a terrifying drop or sugar-crash in sight. I'm usually not a fan of parenthesis laden nonsense descriptors but this one is frighteningly accurate. Produced by John Dieterich (are you surprised?) Similar Fashion combines levity with reckless application of finely schooled talent. It goes hard.

kate carr - "I ended out moving to brixton (exceprt)" i ended out moving to brixton (flaming pines)

From Kate: "My work has always begun with the soundscape, and Brixton offers a remarkable one. From outdoor markets, bicycle sound systems, shop stereos and buskers to booming car hi fi systems, sirens, car washes and people simply talking and taking up space on the streets, Brixton is a noisy place. It was through listening to Brixton that I also came to hear voices being raised about how much this area had changed, about rising rents and neglected public housing, about how many people who grew up or used to have businesses here can no longer afford to stay....A soundscape reveals a lot about a place, through its presences, its silences, its rhythms and its pauses. A soundscape is forever being made by us all. It stitches us together in ways both subtle and sometimes overwhelming. I think in both its openness and fragility the soundscape can reveal something about the process of community making, and its sensitivity to change offers both opportunities and risks."

zazz - "forever is a distance" soft harbinger (inner islands)

Zazz is the incredibly fruitful collaboration between braeyden jae and ang wilson (1/2 of Electric Sound Bath). I knew that this was going to be good, I wasn't prepared for it being this good. Drawing on William Baskinski in the discreet push and pull and drawing on elements of modern classical artists like Johann Johannsson (who themselves dabble in minimalism and artifact decay) to inform its linear emotional trajectory, Soft Harbinger is bright, moving, sad and fully immersive. Get it. 

charlie morrow - "requiem for the victims of kent state (1970)"

Lastly we end on this requiem by Charlie Morrow for the victims of Kent State. Another form of gun violence, but still perpetrated at the hands of fascist-fetishizing cowards. It's a bleak world. But the events of this weekend gave me glimpses of hope for our future.

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