zildjianpinky creates a compelling lo-fi listening experience on the excellent downtempo track “Berlin”. The Scottish based artist recalls early 90’s ambient house through the use of his piano chords placement and slightly swung drum machine hits. “Berlin” starts in the mileu of a crowded location. Voices compete for space as a slightly cassette-warbled piano cuts through. The piano that zildjianpinky utilizes throughout the track is baked with sun-warped analog warmth of a cassette recording. zildjianpinky’s excellent commad of jazz composition stand out here as a brusque 909 clap and sturdy house beat cut through the mix. Adding piano lines as the percussion gets fuller and fuller, from time to time we are brought back into the aural universe of “Berlin” – disembodied female vocals and radio static fold themselves in with utter ease, giving us a sense of coming full circle in our journey. Fans of Matthew Herbert and Aphex Twin should definitely take note.  

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