Found waiting and patient on a long-forgotten hard drive, the songs on Zach Promesa’s Re:Imaginings represent all the ambition, striving and occasional brilliance of a college music project that was abandoned. In this case, however, those occasional moments of brilliance are consistent and completely realized in their context. “Abride, Abridged” are two songs that flow together and cover quite a bit of mileage. Stitching together sonic influences from artists like DM Stith, Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective – acoustic compositions are wrung through samples of swellings strings, bit-crushed percussion and a kitchen-sink worth of vocal treatments and intersecting melodies. I have no idea of those aforementioned artists were what was on Promesa’s I-Pod whenever this was recorded, but hearing this through the lens of the highly sophisticated chamber-pop and experimental music percolating through popular, blogged about bands at the time – those artists nail it to a place and time but also represent the all of the freedom and insane musical prowess in the water. Incredible work by Promesa. I, however, will keep my college music projects far, far away from anyone. 

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