The Russian composer Yuri Vinogradov describes “Imaginary Vortex” as an “electroacoustic/ambient poem from Yuri Vinograov’s symphonic ambient album Glitter But Sing Seldom. Surreal soundscape in the spirit of early electroacoustics with ghosts of piano melodies.” It’s really refreshing to hear an electroacoustic album truly live up to the subgenre’s name, in it we hear various electronics oscillating and pitching wildly against snippets of piano melodies that float in like ghostly apparitions. 

From Vinogradov’s biography, “Yuri considers music as an adventure, as a journey under the alien sky with unfamiliar constellations of stars on it. In his compositions, he crosses the boundaries of genres, methods and musical eras. In his music you can find both ultracontemporary atonal intervention and a wide, breathing anachronic melody. He does not express emotions through music, but allows sound structures to run their own free play.

Yuri lives with serious chronical depressive disorder which deeply affects his life in many ways. Music for him is the way he overcomes depression, it’s a space of joy and freedom.” 

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