Michele Andreotti - "Sprung Rhythm Broken Rhyme" - Homeward (Elan Vital)

Shrine Maiden - From the Tideless Sea

Alex Mackay - "Synthetic Disaster" - Targazer (Forwind)

Axebreaker - "A Strategy of Tension" - They Wear the Mask and Their Face Grows to Fit it (A Red Thread)

Tashi Dorji - "Statues Crumble, Heroes Fall" - Stateless (Drag City)

Andree Burelli - "De Sidera" - De Sidera (American Dreams)

Arashkha - "Hikikomori Watching Outside"

maarja nuut - "Underneath There Is" - World Inverted

Desire Marea - "Tavern Kween" - DESIRE (Izimakade Records)

Maharadja Sweets - "Secaucus" - Now a Yak CD (Oxtail Recordings)

Adenine - "Aftak"

1k Flowers - "Trajectories"

Anthene and Andrew Tasselmyer - "Progressions 2" - Progressions (Constellation Tatsu)

Dao Storm - "wading into new decade (...) forty-five years after the exodus" Travelers Ode (Antiquated Future)

savedhistory - "Trying"

Highland Park Sleep Collective - "Purple Part A"

Andreas Brandal - "Cipher III" - Cipher

Joshua Marquez - "Mandala"

Spires That in the Sunset Rise - "Geomantra" - Psychic Oscillations

Ley Lines - "Screen Damage" - The Rock in my Kitchen Used to Have a Purpose (Sonnedecker)

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