The premise of “Exurb-47”, as indicated in the scrolling text in the beginning, is a recording of the last few hours before a “massive radiation flash” presumably destroyed life in this community. This set-up, paired with the Swiss duo’s inherently moving dark ambient, glitched music paints the time-lapsed footage displayed in brilliant high-resolution with a slightly sinister and foreboding light. One gets the sense as we watch stars fall,  strange-colored clouds roll in, lights stay on in houses and the moon arc across the sky, that we are witnessing some static surveillance of our demise. That if this footage did not exist we would have no proof we were ever here. Taxi Cane’s music which moves from some Haxan Cloak dark drones and surging percussion to mournful slide guitar playing against an endless backdrop of desert sky, and back again, engages and goads us to continue watching, keeping us on the edge of our seat, waiting for the end. 

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