The St. Petersburg Russia based artist has created a deeply felt and haunting ambient track under the moniker Tree Bosier. Gentle surges of tones that retain a heavily metallic timbre are met with droning overtones until they coalesce under  wide-open organic percussion. The track comes together in the way various air currents make a jet stream.  “Solistice” holds the spirit of an open composition being explored by an ambient-jazz trio.


The Polish-based artist PAWELG. has created a track dedicated to Tokyo that somehow combines both U.K. Jungle, deconstructed synths and ambient passages to create a gorgeous pastiche. By combining the fast-tempo percussion of a lo-fi Jungle track with melancholy and contemplative synth melodies and droning overtones, this is the most heartbreaking track I’ve experienced at 200 B.P.M.


“Fervent post-punk. Occasionally manic.” Everything is in its right place with “M.Y.O Fiction” wherein Pawel Cholewa aims his political and personal lassitude and the world in general and various stand-ins that represent the blowhard and their smug sense of ownership. An electric buzzsaw of a double-timed lead melody comes charging into following the chorus with crackling, exuberant energy.


Super hard, dark techno that refuses to let up its grasp from your windpipe. As the track progresses the intensity and BPM keep their steady, ever ascending pace making sure that all that surrounds you becomes sound and becomes subservient to the beat. It is claustrophobic and a complete head rush all at once. 


What would it be like to be able to have control over emotions like Myouçeej controls sound? To be able to harness and direct fear and anger and dispel them like gasps of digital noise, to cue up and enhance happiness as bright, major chord drones coming in from the corners. This scraping, churning and ultimately settled composition comes from a period of self-awareness from the experimental artist.


“Ivory”, part of Trova’s “Elements” collections is pure driven snow synth drift. Edgeless major chord synths blow in from the Pacific carrying on them the last remnant sof summer in some evergreen paradise. Accenting and brightenign the corners are stray piano notes and floating melodies that are picked up on every updraft. Beautiful variations from this hard working composer. 

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Beffect is an Italian artist creating downtempo compositions whose combination of organic percussion and thick, analog synths sound effortless as they are effecting. On 
“Quartz” Beffect utilizes chopped human voice, lush guitars and a propulsive organic percussion to create a lush soundscape full of nooks and crannies where you can burrow in and find analog pops and snaps and bottomless instrumentation.


Norvik is the ambient drone project of Gabriel Chan, a Hong Kong based artist swimming in deep analog drone waters occupied by Alaskan Tapes, Warmth and some of the epic cresting and building drones of Stars of the Lid. There is a massive piece of movement with this piece. A shifting and gliding feeling to this piece like a supertanker cutting through calm seas. It’s a beautiful piece of contemplative drone. 


“In The Woods” is the first we’ve heard from Nina Keith, a Trans Woman composer living in Philadelphia. Taken as a single slice of music, ‘In the Woods” is a compelling mix of piano composition, chopped and looped melodies, flute and found sound / noise elements. Taken as a whole “In the Woods” is part of a larger narrative of a community facing tragic / paranormal events.  An intriguing introduction to be sure.


Total Bike Forever are the fruits of two friends riding their bicylces from London to Tokyo. True story. “Kyushu” was composed in Japan’s southern most island and features collaborations iwth a local musicians from its local university and woman’s choir from Kathmandu, Nepal. The result is a deeply felt house beat tying together ancient and contemporary modes of collaboration and musical conversation.  


bokki is one of our favorite young Argentinian downtempo producers. The young producer creates rich, analog soundscapes full of creaking found sounds, birch-brittle percussion, woozy percussion and melodies played sans loops. It’s a beautiful slice of melancholia that will play the summer out perfectly as we observe the world getting a bit more gold before it sleeps.


“Pulsar” is the product of members of Wilco, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Big Ass Truck and the Memphis City Orchestra composing a massive 4 Mellotron collaboration / performance in collaboration with Crosstown Arts. The four utilized the now ancient synth to create deep, bottomless lows, stately string and woodwind arrangements and ultimately a propulsive exploration into the generative possibilities  of the Mellotron’s capabilities.

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