Senator is a Lo-fi Rock / Surf Punk duo consisting of long time friends and multi-instrumentalists Josh Pinkston & Gary Watson. The two create a hazy waking dream-state that combine Surf Rock haziness and the laconic pacing of 90’s Lo-Fi. The result is a swirling masala of intricate vocal melodies, a shit-ton of reverb, soaring synths on the chorus and a shuffling rhythm section that hits with bright electronic percussion in crucial tension-building moments.

Blending together inspiration from bands such as Men I Trust , TOPS, and Real Estate, Senator creates vivid waveforms of pop music with a dash of atypical instrumentation. The Virginia Beach duo uses layered guitars and synthesizers to create a larger than life rhythm section to support the smooth harmonies of their vocals. This blending of hi-def percussion and synths over the laid-back lo-fi groove provide some pretty thrilling moments in an otherwise smooth operation that would feel right at home between bands like The Drums and Beach Fossils. 

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