Rymdeko began as a joint collaboration when Nicholas Comaratta (The Space Wanderer) visited TJ Perrin (TTilawok) in Stockholm in 2017. The resulting project is a deeply studied and deeply felt dive into minimal house and downtempo electronica. “Rygerfjord” is the first offering from that project and it goes heavy into the project’s use of rhythmic sampling and vintage synthesizers. 

Created in the legendary Stockholm sound-lab Elektronmusikstudion, the two artists utilized the residency in that famed lab to focus on combining vintage analog synthesizers and modular gear such as the Buchla 200 and Serge modular while combining evolving soundscapes and active sampling to create a minimalist house banger on “Rygerfjord”. Featuring a driving house beat and synth lines that sound bath-water warm layered atop a blunted and impossibly deep bass line, this framework and space allows the two electronic artists to explore melodic synth phrasings and lines in the upper register. The result is a track that combines vintage synth sounds characterized by its limitations with two artists recontextualizing these sounds to fit their omnivorous appetites and explorations of the world of sound.

“Rygerfjord” is the opening entry into the EP the two put out on Brooklyn’s Postseason Franchise Records. $1 from each Rymdeko record sold both digitally and physically will be donated to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations. The Postseason Franchise Records Bandcamp will host a limited run of translucent red vinyl, while additional black pressings will be available in select record stores in NYC, LA, and San Francisco. 

Pick it up and bliss out.

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