On “Moon Outside” the London artist ROWE meditates on a poem by Leonard Cohen which views the moon with unease and suspicion. An agent provecteour sent to disrupt sleep cycles with it’s always watchful eye. Recorded in her apartment, “Moon Outside by ROWE aka Becky Cockram certainly sounds haunted by something ominous and nocturnal. Utilizing a variety of recording and processing techniques, ROWE loops her voice and guitar into exploratory missives towards the bottom of an emotional fissure opened a the bottom of the earth. 

Recalling artists like Grouper and Midwife, “Moon Outside” looks to  Burial and Aphex Twin’s selected Ambient works to build a sonic palate. A  world of sound where everything is peaking just into the red and sound samples are obscured with instrumental passages. ROWE’s voice is the constant here. Drawing comparisons to Hope Sandoval, often times her voice picks a stray melody and stretches it to its breaking point before looping it back into the roiling underbelly of saturated and distortion filled guitar lines and lunar pull of a rhythmic cycle. 

Listening to this on a bike ride home at night while the city I live in burned around me was an utterly surreal experience. The moon above being a constant companion – something real – as police helicopters streamed overhead.

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