On “Neveralone” by ambient house artist Richard S. we hear the sound of an EKG monitor pulsing in time with a sturdy house beat.  Sticking with this conceit, “Neveralone” samples a lecture by New Age past-life regression grift queen Dolores Canon as she talks about taking people – through hypnosis – into their own death experience as passive observers. The track begins with a sample of Dolores jovially addressing an audience that paid thousands of dollars to be there about how she has taken people through their own deaths as a shifting, ambient loop plays beneath her. When the house beat picks up it propels us through the realm of the living, slowly building until we hear a heart rate playing in time with the muted kick. Is this how our life ends? Watching our BPM slowly decrease until we flat line?

Once we reach the bridge that EKG sound is folded into the slow arpeggio of the bass line which ping-pongs across the audio field. Jackknifing and spiking in multi-layered, hard-panned stereo, it’s a deliriously engaging effect, one that helps keep the track marshaled into a steady movement forward once it has reached its full expression. A subterranean dancefloor call from some previous life seeping up through our porous sub conscious. Richard S. has created a brilliant, somewhat subversive ambient house track that plays against tropes and pushes “Neveralone’s” concept of journey through death to its limit.

Dolores Canon, in another sample, tells us that some people choose to stay in their bodies or choose to go into that bright light. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel – which she claims to have discovered the source of. Will you find out what’s behind that light? Well, that’s covered in the second level seminar…and it’s is going to cost you.

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