Cut from the same sonic cloth as bands like Girl Band and Black Midi, the Norwich, UK based Red Mar offer a deeply unsettling, deeply expressionistic dive into start-start melodies, intermittent blasts of feedback and swirling / pounded synths that chase the sublime through minimalism and fuck-all noise. 

“Hound”, while impossible to put into a verse-chorus arrangement, centers on the halting, heaving sound of five barely of out of high school musicians throwing their entire bodies into a composition. “Hound” is full of Throbbing Gristle’s writhing and languid vocals that float through like a surprised reaction to the squalor created by their own hands. The stop-and-turn on a dime exploration of cacophony and silence indicates a deep study of Reich and This Heat. 

It’s easy in these kind of bands to view the synthesizer as just another textural element but Harry Fisher’s manic pounding to carnival-esque melodies display a rare kind of virtuosity in this position. This kind of fist-against-a-brick-wall approach to songwriting is a compelling entry into a young crop of noise-rock / art-rock bands chasing some kind of truth in noise. Highly recommended. 

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