In their sprawling, 14 minute composition,  Red Mar has created a touching and manic ode to the French Avant-Garde artist Antonin Artaud from the perspective of the artist’s mother Euphrasie who would visit him while institutionalized in Rodez. “Euphrasie Visits” presents the the “Theatre of Cruelty” auteur at his most vulnerable as his mother pleads for mercy for his son. 

“Euphrasie Visits” begins with the low rumble of a bass guitar, various angular percussive instruments playing in the time-signature of a murmuration of birds – diving, swarming and breaking apart with an unknowable internal logic system.  Around 5 minutes in the track bursts into a deeply rhythmic pulse that recall Swans, This Heat or Horse Lords in their hypnotic revelry. Slowing into a dirge-like crawl with saxophone and droning synths, Euphrasie makes her first appearance, lamenting the horror of seeing her son in the throes of his mental anguish – “But I see you in your true form / Dancing with no head / Writhing with no sense”.

From there “Euphrasie Visits” launches into its most unhinged propulsion into pulverizing minimalist aural assault of the entire composition. It’s an incredibly affecting and pathos-led composition found in some of the best of this kind of experimental noise-rock. It’s easy to go full misanthrope with this kind of music. “Euphrasie Visits” displays an empathetic core from this exciting new band. 

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