“Thought Forms” is a new single by Purple Decades – a new project from Cincinnati-based pianist / ambient artist Tristan Eckerson. “Thought Forms” begins with Purple Decades deep organ-like piano lines glowing with tracers of natural reverb. Sounding as if it is seeping up through layers of stone, this deeply resonant piano line is joined with upper-register piano lines that peak with a steady sense of resonance. A gentle pull out of the substrate. 

Pulsing through the composition is an audible lapping drone. A lunar tide that ebbs in and out creating a sense of overall movement to the composition.  Purple Decades “Thought Form” creates these subtle pockets of sounds that sound both effortless and endlessly processed and tweaked to produce just enough tension between reverb and clean sound, noise and gentle wash. We are excited to see what else Eckerson has for this Purple Decades moniker. 


Tristan Eckerson is a Pianist, Composer, and Producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. In the past four years Tristan has released five full length albums and more than an album’s worth of singles, both independently and with 1631 Recordings (Nils Frahm, Dustin O’Halloran, Hauschka), A Remarkable Idea (Bloc Party, Benoît Pioulard, Maxïmo Park, Robot Koch), Mellotron Records, 7K! Records, and Sonder House. He has toured through North America and Europe and has composed music for award winning commercials, short films, and web series. His music has received multiple sync placements in television and has been streamed over twenty five million times worldwide.

Having graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California with a Master’s degree in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media, Tristan handles all aspects of the production of his music independently- from writing, recording, mixing, and mastering through to artwork and cover art design. Releasing compositions for solo piano on an almost monthly basis for the past few years, in May of 2020 Tristan also began an ambient project under the moniker of Purple Decades.

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