Rooted by a steady piano line, Paul Cousins creates a beautifully airy and textural piano / synth composition with his latest “Thoughts in the Ether”. Anchored by a piano melody that serves as a ballast for the various tonal shifts, synth micro-movements and ambient lift throughout the composition, Paul Cousins explores those moments of take off where both thoughts and musical ideas begin their upward ascension. Accompanying the melodic piano phrasings are heavy ambient strings that hang like heavy, reverb-pregnant clouds every time they arise and fall back to the earth. Tiny shimmers of Eurorack synth embody and breed under the low cloud ceiling of the distant ambient lines. 

Flowing throughout is the gorgeous footage and editing from Edward Harber and is inspired by Russian abstract minimalist Kazimir Malevich. The way Malevich is able to capture the light dancing on the water while swept up in eternal lunar pull of waves creates a moving painting effect that perfectly frames Paul Cousins elemental work. Fans of Ruhe, Good Weather for an Airstrike and Sigur Ros will be swept into this visual + musical work. 

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