Paul Cousins is a deeply thoughtful ambient artist creating delicate arpeggios of synths against surging and lapping tape loops and a mixture of organic and digital effects that explore ideas beyond the need for a solipsistic expression. The video for “An Abstract Place” explores the following:

“The accompanying video by director Edward Harber is an atmospheric study of the eroding coastline at Happisburgh, Norfolk. The historic area has undergone a process of coastal erosion in recent years, leaving a familiar place hard to recognise for residents. As more homes surrender to the sea, the sense of abandonment through elemental change weighs upon the landscape. The film takes this displacement further, by contorting the environment into something wholly unfamiliar. Sand flats merge with water intertwined in rock and tide motions are reversed. As the track unfolds the fragility of the landscape becomes fluid, echoing the ocean’s relentless pull upon the cliffs.”

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