“A seven year old’s world is a bit smaller. Their emergencies tend to be more visceral.”

If you were told your punk band sounded like a 7 year old screaming about their problems, would you take offense? But, what if your band really was a 7 year old screaming about their problems? Taking the adage, “write what you know”, the worldview of an anonymous seven year old fronting a punk band is put on full display here.  A three word (four if you count “Aaaaah!!!”) deep dive into the Freudian Pleasure Principle, “I Gotta Pee” is an individualist manifesto. Does the best punk really transcend this? Is the reactionary response to the body politic really much different than declaring your needs to relieve yourself when held in situations designed to break your will (school, long car rides, etc.)? Remember in punk the personal IS political. This project, released on Telos Tapes (Drew Danburry’s exceptional new label) is designed to be anonymous. No One Knows Who Did This. So if you know, shut your mouth, OK? Security culture is punk.

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