On Music for Empty Venues Methodical Movements – a London based label presents a vital and compelling reason for why live music cannot be a thing that dies in the wake of Covid 19. Jamming as many bodies as possible into poorly ventilated spaces to hear the fruits of experimental and electronic artists endless hours crafting sounds in their bedrooms is the entire reason a live music exists. Especially one that caters to artists that lean left of center. It’s imperative that live venues remain standing as the world slowly recovers from the wake of COVID 19. Music for Empty Venues by Methodical Movements has compiled 19 tracks by 19 artists to raise funds for Iklectik, Hundred Years Gallery, Jazzlive Camberwell.

The compilation is an excellent cross-section of experimental, electronic and noise artists from across London that have graced the stages of those venues. Through Bandcamp individuals are encouraged to give generously to save these venues – now sitting empty and unused. The lifeblood of a scene slowly seeping out onto the street. Even if you’ve never been to London or never plan to go, a camaraderie between weirdo artists from across the world is vital for the continuation of adventurous sound. When the Ghostship fire happened in 2016 similar benefit albums from scenes from across the world chipped in to help the victims affected. As this global pandemic spares no scene or city, any money donated here is well spent. Music for Empty Venues features work from the following artists:

Blame – Flummoxed

Blame is from the South London improv collective Ashcircle. Blame plays unrelenting feral micro-concreté. Inspired by lockdown and a lack of access to outside space.


Oneirologist – The Hours of Darkness
The Oneirologist is a project by Rick Jensen exploring possibilities of electroacoustic music in composition and improvisation, as well as film and video experiments. The Oneirologist has released over 40 albums, performed live many times and made 33 films. Started in 2013 it is mostly a solo project but has released several collaborative albums:


xvelastín – Desilencing the Sea, Part 1
xvelastín is a British-Chilean sound artist, vocal performer and theatre sound designer. His pieces use creative technology to expand and undermine voice and performs often in solo and collaborative work in a range of contexts and scales. The first two tracks of a live recording, ‘Ghosts // Creation’ and ‘Ocean Gargle’ represent the synthesis and exploration of the voice of the first life in the ocean, or something. Featuring an amplified metal projector stand played with a pair of violin bows, the sounds of me choking on some water and a clavinova. I’ve mixed it in 3D binaural so best experienced with some big headphones in the dark.


These are only 3 out of 19 artists who have donated their tracks to this worthy cause. If you feel like you can’t live without live music, please feel free to give generously to this excellent cause. 

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