There are so many entry points into Moody Bats a couple’s Dream Pop project from Augusta, GA. “Don’t Break My Heart”, however, is their most fully-fleshed and instrumentally rich from their debut album “Blessing” available earlier this month. Blessed follows a simple formula, acoustic guitars with lots of airy, spacey keys laid atop banging out sleepy, major key anthems into the void. The entry points here serve as loose spiritual companions rather than sign posts. On “Blessing” we hear echoes of Damon & Naomi, Red House Painters,  Idaho, Spokane, Appendix Out and many other slowcore & dream pop luminaries that centered vulnerability and weren’t afraid of letting songs spill out at their own pace. “Don’t Break My Heart” is a mid-tempo track that exploits multi-tracked acoustic guitars and keys wrapping the entire production in a warm and shimmering cloak of reverb. The rhythm section tends not to call too much attention to itself more than a pillar holding up the compositions most basic structure.

Lyrically and thematically “Don’t Break My Heart” and much of “Blessing” are small devotions to perpetual wonder – at the world, the sustaining power of relationships and nature. The group’s stated purpose was to “bring something light into an increasingly dark world”. As much as Moody Bats seem to gravitate towards the gentler side of 90’s indie rock the group also borrows quite a bit from the folk revivalists of the 70’s marrying hi-fi melodies with hints of subtle psychedelic flourishes in their droney keys and honeyed harmonies. Crosby, Stills and Nash come immediately to mind in their baroque mid-tempos and braided harmonies.

“Don’t Break My Heart” doesn’t rush in its journey into a beautiful lightness that imbues these tracks.  

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