Sunshine for the Mountain God by the UK based lo-fi artist Mike Gale was written and recorded while under lockdown. I try to steer clear of any COVID 19 related releases, however, songs on Sunshine for the Mountain God look towards a sublimely happy future or can be used as a resource to create deep pools of happiness and serenity by the always potent major chords, smart lyrics and liberal use of reverb and distortion. 

The topic of being prolific during lockdown is inherently misguided. For those who thought they would suddenly write their masterpiece because a global pandemic, major depression and the piling on of anxiety would be inspiration they need to kick start their creativity have been disabused of this. Much of the bandwith we use to create is suddenly being sucked up by a slow motion catastrophe at a global level. For those artists like Mike Gale whose prolific nature has been hardwired long before this, this shift against all odds wasn’t a requirement.

The result is a 10 song album full of razor sharp lo-fi indie rock songs that draw comparisons to Guided by Voices, Tony Molina, Mikal Cronin and Tobin Sprout. Couple of chord bangers under 2 minutes with sunny choruses and just enough reverb and distortion to fill up the headphones with a pleasantly overwhelming tonal tidal wave. There is a sweetness at the core of these songs, that, while tempered by sadness and melancholy, shines through on tracks like “Cuttlefish, Cuttlefish 1,2,3” or “Kicking my Way to Malaise”. 

All proceeds from “Sunshine for the Mountain God” will be donated to the Trussell Trust Foodbank. 

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