The Long Shadow Duo is comprised of Neil Lord (Future Museums, Single Lash) and Marcus Maurice (More Eaze). The two fellow Republic of Texas denizens have created a wide-open, put-your-finger-anywhere-on-the-map tape that find the two exploring shared sonic space that, while varied in its approach, never strays too far away from a warm, droney center. Opening the album, “Tourmaline Glass” plays out like long-lost Landing or Windy & Carl composition. Downcast, reverb-heavy guitar lines lead a meandering march through autumnal tones while crystalline synths scatter the leaves in front of gentle ascendant path. Tracks like “Lifelong” are offerings of additive minimalism wherein ascending piano arpeggios ring through a lapping, surging drone. “Seal My Lips” introduces Nic Nadeau’s signature pleading and emotive vocals to the strongest Talk Talk comparison – couching all of this sway and shimmer within a on-the-grid beat and bass line. “Historic Earthworks” is also of a similar pastoral vibe, moving from bowed strings and acoustic guitar seamlessly into¬† Kraut-heavy bubbling arpeggios and heavily pawed synthesizer lines. Lifelong covers lots of ground for its run time, it’s greatest rewards, however, is the fly on the wall effect of listening to two staples of Texas’s experimental music community find shared communion in exploratory bursts of creativity.

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