Patrick R. Park has released a variety of recording projects under his own name and Berlin School techno under Kosmonaut. With Life Education, Park’s intentions and influences are clear: Set the Motorik dials to the heart of the sun and surrender to the Kraut groove. 

While rarely deviating from the linear directness of the Motorik beat, Park piles upon line after line of searching and ascending synth lines until all is sound. Melodies circle around one another like smoke from a field of burning incense – strands separating, twisting and turning, but always find themselves sucked back into the main thrust of upward ascension. These strands that make up the super structure of Park’s output are often heavily bent and revberbed-out guitar lines, thicc synth lines that hang heavy in the air with their omnipresent buzz and saccharine edge.

Guru Overlord owes much of its sound to 70’s Kraut harbingers including CAN, Electric Orange, Ash Ra Tempel. These luminaries gloam heavily on these tracks. Their exploratory synth and keyboard work held under the sway of the locked in Motorik groove have a way of getting their hooks into the listener and gauging new neural canyons through porous grey matter. Newer Kraut inspired acts such as Turzi, Grails and the Brazilian High Wolf also ride a similar wave of unrelenting Kraut groove. Life Education is in good company with them.

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