Levek’s 7″, recently released on the excellent Father/Daughter Records, is solid. Solid, like musically astute solid. But more “solid” in the way Curtis Mayfield says it, or solid like I imagine Daryl from the Office says it. “Solid” surpasses any need for adjectives, it is a nod, a wink, a reassuring acknowledgment that the groove is tight. Levek is that kind of solid.

Side A is made up of the ridiculously cheery “Look on the Bright Side”. I’m loving this white-boy falsetto and R&B influenced slow jamz that have creeped into 2010’s musical landscape. As monstrously huuuge as Gayng’s album was, “Look on the Bright Side” matches their shameless nod to empowering seventies funk matched with a characteristicly slow BPM and layered vocals. Seriously though, the expertly placed horns on the chorus punch horse-sized holes right through any grey cloud ceiling. “Look on the Bright Side” steps out of its sequined jumpsuit about 3/4 of the way through the song as David Levesque’s falsetto-croon leads the track into a impecible 45 seconds of perfectly orchestrated chamber pop replete with bowed strings and brass.

Side B. “Slow” is a nicely paced folk number that jettisons the funk-leanings of Side A in favor of a perfectly pitched multi-tracked vocal choir comprised solely out of Levesque’s voice over a plodding acoustic guitar line. Vocal drones of Levesque’s keyed-up and pitched-low float in and out of the composition creating a similar vocal pallate as Yellow Ostrich’s voice-centered compositions put out earlier this year.

While only a 7″, Levek shows some serious promise for a 2011 full-length. Along with Family TreesFather/Daughter could be a contender.

Ryan H.

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