For the past twelve years Josh Landes has helmed the highly influential noise project Limbs Bin. Nestling into the margins between oscillating noise and punishing grind, Limbs Bin records like Bliss Tech, Total Anguish and Summertime Blues have become blueprints for contemporary noise artists who value the ecstatic and cathartic immediacy of Landes’ performances and recordings.

For the first full-length album under his own name, Josh Landes has marshalled these instincts into a stirring long form album that summons images of a gilded oil painting put through a paper shredder. Provincial Electronics is a soliloquy for the burnt but still sharp. Deeply introspective and personal, it’s a still life of a grinder – delicately posed with a stack of Bloodyminded CD’s and pensively reclining in a The Rita long sleeve T against the backdrop of a Bar and Grill that sometimes lets you book noise shows. Provincial Electronics is replete with pinched and zippered synths, psychedelic, swirling oscillators brutalizing computer speakers and headphones in a post-Merzbow society. Punishing and beautiful, Provincial Electronics is the analog to the primal scream shrieked through a computer laptop speaker.

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