Jeauxin presents two new tracks that offer a peak into an idiosyncratic creative process that skirts the line between ambient music and beat-heavy modern composition. On “Triangularly Schemin” we hear sparse melodies interspersed with kalimba rhythms and deep percussive drones. The track eventually folds in a more percussive driven focus with the inclusion of a subtle snare and auxiliary percussion. The result is a track that always sounds like it is always on its way to becoming.  


“She’s Sexier as the Forest” presents a bit more of a linear approach to percussion and meldoy for Jeauxin. We hear organic and deep percussion pregnant with reverb beneath a slowly ascending melodic line that is contemplative and resonant. Taken from the album “Ancienttextsoftheembarcadero” Jeauxin is a transportive and terrestrially rooted artist. 

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