“Columns” by the Berlin performance duo and electronic artists HYENAZ is a terrifying slice of conceptual dark ambient and broken techno with meanings and implications buried deep below the surface. “Columns” is built from organic percussion and vocalizations recorded  deep within a cave outside the pilgrimage town of Częstochowa, Poland. “Columns” is filled with meditative drones, human sounding percussion and visceral vocal gesticulations that cut straight to the bone. The composition itself is a “response to militarized violence and to History, specifically the historicising mode which focuses on events and important persona, while blurring events and persona deemed unimportant or inconsequential.” HYENAZ exploration of this theme has taken them to refugee camps, pilgrimage paths, indigenous grounds and intentional communities as part of a larger project called Foreign Bodies. While not always an easy listen, “Columns” comes with its own weight and history. 

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