Say what you will about this summer – or lack thereof – but there has been no shortage of truly great summer singles. The UK based Grass Temple’s “Breezing” is a perfect example of this. A light and breezy, non-conceptual piece that pairs brightly plucked arpeggios with a heavy buzzing synth bass line and intricate, organic rhythmic arrangements that recall some of the more intensely composed beats on the latest Four Tet album.This comparison seems apt as Grass Temple has supported artists like Mount Kimbie, Ulrich Schnauss and DJ Food

All of these elements seem to snap into focus about a minute and a half into the track with the introduction of a vocal sample and the gentle layering of more subtle rhythmic accompaniments before breaking down those elements into a lovely ambient bridge in advance of the next drop.  That drop brings in a heavy, major chord bass line that buzzes and shimmers around the corners. 

“Breezing” is a perfect anthem for a summer that never was.

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