The Australian audio/visual duo friendships offer a compelling and deeply weird vision of collaborative alignments and heavily glitched world-building. I love how the track builds from a cavernous piano line with whale-song drones running throughout to a deeply propulsive Fuck Buttons / Battles minimalist sprint. The visual accompaniment to this blends and bends itself into various generative innerscapes of glitched footage that tells a strangely linear story. According to friendships their album FISHTANK that “MLG_Recovery Patch” is on is “a concept set on a non-linear timeline between the blurring of two worlds. The physical present (your world) and an alternative present reimagined and interpreted in fantasy known as FISHTANK. The narrative follows the descent of an individual through loss of self. A cold decline of skin shedding, emptiness and despair to come full circle at rebirth. Each track and video is a movement or scene cataloging each movement on the descent.”

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