“Throw My Voice” is the second single from the upcoming album The Life of Riley out 08.21.20 on Jason Ribadeneyra’s Eyes Closed Label. Following up the well-received “Narcan Summer”, “Throw My Voice” continues Ribadeneyra’s streak of highly confessional and nostalgic songwriting that creates scenes both specific and ineffable. Like crystal clear memories that you can’t be sure actually happened to you.

“Throw My Voice” recalls – with a mix of fondness filtered through a sense of guilt for all the omitted acts of kindness – loved ones no longer with us. Following “Narcan Summer” a direct reference to the passing of his brother, “Throw My Voice” skirts the edges of perception and memory – allowing tiny cracks of light to filter in through heavy drapes.

“Throw My Voice” is a folk strummer that gradually picks up in both rhythm and tempo before gradually opening up to intricate plucking while never losing the effusive sweetness that permeates Ribadeneyra’s voice – crackling under the weight of memory.

Taking cues from lo-fi song crafters like Elliott Smith with the electronic experimentation of early Animal Collective, Ribadeneyra’s voice is a full-throated thing that recalls slight quiver of Conor Oberest and the effortless delivery of a deeper Jeff Hanson. Since relocating to Los Angeles, “Narcan Summer” is the lead single to the eight song EP titled The Life of Riley due to be released later this summer on his Eyes Closed label

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