The cover of Freddy43’s latest EP “EP003” on the Amsterdam based label Basserk features a distorted image of brutalist architecture – obscured just enough to appear as an abstract collage of intense right angles set in grayscale. On “Serpent” the Dutch producer plays against type by a creeping downtempo track that marries distinct rhythmic patterns associated with hip-hop (skittering triplet snares, reverb-heavy boom-bap) with distorted analog synths composed on a vintage ARP odyssey. The result is a retro-futurist collage of modern digital processing and alien sounding analog synthesizers. This sound collage mirrors the way we approach brutalist architecture when seen in the wild – cold comfort of knowing it’s era but the bewildering and alienating feeling of approach a monolith. It’s familiar and disorienting in a way that stretches our brain’s ability to process information. 

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