On “Followed by Petrichor” the Canadian ambient artist Fervorvore creates a deeply felt ambient composition that features golden tonal shifts, delicate and distant piano notes and glistening overtones that shine against a mid-afternoon sun when shadows get a bit longer. Fans of artists like Hakobune, Rhucle and Good Weather for an Airstrike should take note.  


I think we all know the feeling of being inspired and overwhelmed by art but then feeling the inevitable envy that we can never produce something that beautiful. On “Looking up to Radiance” Fervorvore expands on this idea in a bit more noisier and glitched approach than “Followed by Petrichor”. Overtones haunted by the human voice surf atop a glitched piano melody before sliding into an overwhelming maw of noise that overtakes the second half of the track. I love these descents into feedback and distortion. Being completely subsumed by noise that is starting from a place of beauty is a favorite of mine. “Looking up to Radiance” delivers on this front. 

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