We were really impressed by Family Mart’s last single “My Anarcha-Feminist Crush” and their highly relatable composition that is rooted in Sarah / Slumberland / Creation Records style Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Twee. On “Starlite”, the Austin, TX band build upon that sound palate and push the band’s output a bit more into the Twee territory that Go Sailor would be proud of. Built around Mike Lee’s breathy vocals and a pitch-perfect guitar riff that runs through the entire track – tacking on propulsive drums that are just a couple of beats higher tempo for  a track like this. The percussion adds a sense of urgency to “Starlite” that pushes this out of a tendency that could be a bit too languid into something that feels vital. A full force reckoning on a small scale. 

With a string of incredibly well thought through singles it will be exciting to see what Family Mart does next. 

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