A patient and unfolding track, Evan Gildersleeve reaches stasis and tension with the elctroacoustic track “Mortal”.  Towards the creation of “Mortal”, Evan Gildersleeve states the following,

I wanted there to be a gentle push and pull between organic and synthetic whereby the electronics responded sympathetically to the piano. This helped create contrast in the arrangement and allowed me to delve deeper into sound design. The evolving atmospheres combine synthesised tones with bowed percussion and granular processing. I also experimented more fluidly with time to help create the shifting sense of tension.”

One gets the sense of the ambient bed of shifting tones taking place fully submerged underwater. A turning of the tides completely outside of the control of human hands. The deconstructed melody played on piano notes shine through even more naked, stark and with a regular sense of relief that we aren’t set adrift sans life raft. 

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