Two new tracks by Lebanese artists Etyen and Khansa are deeply felt expressive pieces that shake with vocal prowess and architectural drone. Th multi-disciplinary Arab queer dance and vocal performer Khansa teams up with Electronica Musician and producer Etyen to create this two track EP. “Rabbi” starts with powerful vocals and deep, swelling drones of noise before breaking into a post-industrial beatscape full of reverb-heavy hand drumming and chest-rattling kicks. “Athoubu Fih” kicks in with deeply distorted IDM rhyhtmic line and a subterranean bass line. Vocals on “Athoubu Fih” are much more understated, an upper register croon not far outside of James Blake. The track has a slight ascendance that never quite explodes outwards although containing the energy to do so. A beautiful two song EP from these talented Lebanese collaborators.

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