In a remarkable technical achievement, Erik Hall has recreated “Pulses” from Steve Reich’s seminal masterpiece Music for 18 Musicians as a solo artist, in one day, with the instruments he had on hand. These modifications came in the following, “Xylophones from the original score became muted pianos, violin became electric guitar, and the pulsing rasp of the bass clarinet was constructed on the Moog synthesizer. Room mics captured the air around each instrument.” From listening to Hall’s version one gets a sense of reverence for the original composition’s massive scope while training its focus on the nuanced relationship between each instrument. The space between each note being as important as the next additive measure. “Pulses” is worth the listen not only for it’s technical achievement, but for the newly found sounds that Hall is able to achieve using alternate instrumentation. The entire album will be out May 8th on Western Vinyl.

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