Reacting with the chance connections and neuro-landscape of the modular synth brain and watching these decisions branch and spread from their source, Bend by the Canadian artist Elmorea is a beautifully configured and highly generative piece of synth based composition. In it we hear the crackling of noise gates being turned on and off at algorithmic regularity, we hear notes bend and turn in mid air and the curving low end bass rattling the floors and windows. Electroacoustic instrumentation provide insight into the human hand behind these sounds – plucked guitars, bowed strings and wind instruments put through Granular Synthesis are scattered through “Bow” recalling some great moments by Emmanuel Witzhum or Bruno Sanfilippo.

“Twist” provides these moments plenty of breathing room – turning these inputs into tiny micromovements and intersecting percussive lines that dance and pop like embers against an inky black sky. These murmurations of gathered acoustic instrumentation and sharp, pointillist modular synth percussive patterns continue with “Arc” – perhaps the EP’s most rewarding listen. Droning, arcing tones bleed in from the corners illuminating the modular percussive patterns at play at the heart of the composition. Beautifully constructed and worked out towards the extremity of human hearing. 

“Bend” by Elmorea is a highly enjoyable and brainy exploration into the brain-meld between machine and composer. Highly recommended.


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