Perhaps there is no better place to confront the ego-as-persona than in the unflinching gaze as the subject in your own song. Denver-based Doo Crowder has been a focalizing point in Denver’s threatened underbelly of creatives from the mid-aughts until now. On his latest album, 6 + years in the making, Crowder offers a map for losers and others who have gone astray “navigating the pitfalls of ego and a paradoxical world.” “Doo Crowder Song” is an autobiographical song that tackles the role of performer as deflection shield against deep, penetrating psychic wounds of insecurity. “The Doo Crowder Song” works through various modes and genres from Harry Nilsson grandeur to experiments in vulnerability and volume in the style of Mount Eerie’s Black Metal experimentation. Here’s one for the losers. 

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