Perspective changes everything. As we take this bee-eyed-view trip through a field of wildflowers, stems grow as big as trees and bulbs become sun-blocking eclipses. This new video by French filmmaker Frederic Tcheng gives is a moving and perspective-shifting visual accompaniment to DM Stith’s latest composition “Waving 3”. Stith’s breakthrough album Heavy Ghost is an album that has maintained steady rotation 10 years past it’s release date. “Waving 3” layers Stith’s elastic and space-consuming voice over pastoral, orchestral drones, sparse bass notes and a slight arpeggio that articulates the composition’s final lift. 

According to Stith: “I’m lucky that breathing is at the heart of what I do creatively. When I’m faced with uncertainty, I have this creative outlet as a singer to let the breathing be heard, to hold it, to trace my inner space for a while and make a mark with it. So, rather than dwell in this uncertainty alone, I invite you to join me in it. Put your galoshes on and splash around in it a bit.” 

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