The duo of Andrea Dicò and Francesco Carbone spans the miles from Cape Town, South Africa to Milan, Italy and spans the chasm between several modes of musical expression – from studied approaches to guitar and percussion to exploratory discovery in chance contact with “non-musical” items. Between the two guitars, drums, walkie-talkies, toys and various “thrash-materials” are played and their sonic qualities tested and played back to one another as part of a  primitive language or game. Recorded in one setting  with no overdubs, “DC” is full of brilliant chance sound encounters that exist solely on this record. Knowing that you may never hear the way a vibrator rattles against a snare tuned just so,  creating a strangely pitched drone that sounds like a washing machine falling up an escalator makes this record all that more precious. There is clamor, but there is also great beauty. The two have finely honed their craft and create beautiful sounds out of the cacophony.    

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