Danila Kozyrev, according to his bio, is a Los Angeles Based artist of Russian descent. On Pathaways 2012 – 2016 Kozyrev charts a course through a meandering selection of genres and modes of expression. According to a scant bio, Danila Kozyrev was born and raised in Brooklyn, split for Mexico for two years and moved to Los Angeles where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The genres Kozyrev states that he pulls inspiration from are polka and Norwegian Black Metal, so I am not sure how much we can trust. Not that it matters. Sink into this idiosyncratic view of the cosmos.

Pathaways 2012 – 2016 was released on the Belarus-based бездны Netlabel. Throughout the 20 songs on the album Danila Kozyrev moves between lo-fi and haunting solo guitar work with plenty of blown out effects reverberating throughout to chopped and screwed downtempo music in the same universe as vaporwave. I wouldn’t, however, call Kozyrev a vaporwave artist. His aesthetic, if there is a unifying force is a blown out pop sensibility that rears its head in many different forms no matter how experimental the track gets. 

“Raw Honey” features blown out vocal loops and plenty of auxilliary noise while Kozyrev’s voice is a constant, ghostly wail above the entire thing that brings the track to its emotional conclusion. On “Smile Good 2” the pop is pushed out right in front – echoing ghosts of Chillwave’s past through the use of reverb-drenched samples and a sun-baked warmth throughout. “Luxury” is a more serrated track that creates a tripping, hiccuping midi-percussive composition that falls over itself in the best way before being subsumed in an in-the-red arpeggio. 

While there may not be a lot we actually know about Danila Kozyrev, Pathaways 2012-2016 is an auditory buffet. We came hungry and are now being wheeled out after stuffing ourselves. 


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