A timely and fiercely political composition by the Providence, RI / NYC duo that create “Lofi Beats/ Sci Fi Synths and Piano Terror in the Anthropocene”, “Threnody for Victims of Mount Rushmore” combines rusty strings, scrapes and found sounds with piano and synth arpeggios that push the composition into jaw-clenching territory – a host of disturbed spirits caught in an aural world wind – displaced victims of colonialism. Monuments to death. From Cloudwarmer on their introduction to “Hushers” 

“The idea that a tyrannical government is secretly plotting against US citizens is a popular and longstanding belief among much of the American far right. The scenario has many variations, but the basics are that politicians, threatened by a potentially rebellious populace, are watching and listening in on them, working to undermine them and readying for the day they will wrench away their freedoms.

But this scenario isn’t merely a paranoid fantasy dreamed up in the deepest corners of the alt-right — it’s relatively recent history. Instead of gun-toting sovereign citizens and Confederate-flag- waving patriot groups serving as the targets, however, the US government largely targeted segments of the Left for widespread surveillance, disruption, neutralization, and eventually destruction.”

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