For countries that actually engaged in a lockdown in for the Corona Virus instead of the “rich people hide and have poor people deliver luxury items to us” approach that the U.S. did, we’ve seen this period produce some fertile solo creative projects. Enter Capital Moon from Paris. “La Fete” is a composition written for a party that never existed, or piped into the grand ballroom where Jack Torrence finally loses his mind. “La Fete” comes in waves of ghostly piano. A reverb-heavy melody that ping-pongs off of  empty hallways and houses where we used to dance until dawn.

Halfway through the composition the cityscape of an empty Paris starts filtering in. Noise filled movements crest and fall in granular waves. “La Fete” by Capital Moon is a perfect track to lose an afternoon in. There is a sense of stasis that weighs heavily on the sound.  A patient unfolding that travels about the length between the bedroom and refrigerator. New tracks being burned into the floor. Inspired work. 

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