The last we heard from Capital Moon the Paris based artist created a composition that I compared to the ballroom scene from The Shining where Jack Torrence finally loses his mind. With Capital Moon’s new track “Le Nouveau Roi” the party is over and we are facing the long drive home / come down. In this dissociative state we hear the propulsive pounding of pianos coming in and out of audio focus. We hear the disembodied voices of our friends swirling around our head. We hear fragmentary melodies drift in the periphery, piano melodies and jaunty rounds that refuse to stick in one place as the chemicals in our brain level-set. 

While this kind of hard-to-pin-down processing and composing can be called hallucinogenic, really it’s more akin to coming down from hallucinogens. When the world comes rushing back to you in fits and starts, the euphoria is wearing off and you start hearing the notes clash with one another. It’s not an unwelcome sensation, as in Capital Moon’s case there is a straight line from some incredibly beautiful passages that are processed beyond their life span. Instead, it’s a necessary re-shifting that comes when the world comes into focus. “Le Nouveau Roi” is another deeply experimental and beguilingly beautiful track from this Paris based noise-maker. 

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