Consisting of Camilla De Laborde (Mexico City) and Daniel Hermann-Collini (Munich) and recorded with Peter Kember (Spacemen 3 / Sonic Boom), “Sun” is a solar flare piece of deconstructed pop music that pulls from Kraut explorers Cluster as much as it does avant-pop stalwarts Fever Ray and Jenny Hval. “Sun” is totally sans beats. All momentum comes from the rise and fall of the synth arpeggios. It’s a heat-sick bob-and-weave between the rise and fall of synth and human voice. Camilla and Daniel describe the track as, “

“A call for heat, for warmth, energy, and life. We imagine a new utopian civilization has arrived where kids are protected by the sun. The sun at the frontline, shielding and loving. Sun is a celebration for nature. A calling for its strength.

Two years ago, we spent a couple of months teaching electronic music to young kids in Brazil. We showed them how to build contact microphones and how, eventually, they could record and alter those sounds by using electronics. The experience was complex in so many ways that it was hard reaching out to the kids. The violent social environment that surrounded them meant they had unknowingly built behavioral shields to protect themselves. This song is inspired from our time there. 

The song establishes nature as the primary realm for the album; nature as something giving, but not only through its resources. It delves into this relationship on an emotional level too.””

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