On “Systemic Failure” by the duo C_G, we hear two collaborative musicians sharing sonic space in the break down, decay and rusted notes between live percussion and experimental electronic shamanism. C_G is a collaboration between Eduardo Ribuyo, co-founder of the label Third Type Tapes from Belgium, known mostly for his work as C_C and our own co-founder and driving percussive force, Ilia Gorovitz, appearing here, consequently, as ‘G’.

This collaboration yields extremely fruitful explorations of noisey and incidental tones, unexpected grooves and a strange mind-meld that occurs between the two collaborators. Given a rhythmic frame work and sonic parameter led by Ilia Gorovitz’s percussion work – which itself is a deeply experimental force – we hear Ribuyo’s oscillators, circuit-bent toys, modular patches and various noise makers find deep purchase in buzzing melodic phrasings, growling low-end and sharp, metallic scrapes and piercing noise. 

The two feed off of each other’s intensity and tonal direction on “Systemic Failure” with unconscious knowing and deeply exploratory hunger for full amount of expressive force. Highly recommended. 

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