Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper’s reinterpretation and meditation on Philip Glass’s classic composition from the soundtrack for The Hours pairs the solo piano composition with massive, pitch-bending bass that floats in like a spectre. Paired with visual work from Nick Cobby the composition seeks probes the question of the responsibility that poets have process a world that is beginning to lose touch with reality.

From the press release: “In his video for “The Poet Acts“, the sense of complementary elements of the track is perfectly visualized: „We focus on the poet, a creative introvert, one that lives alone, dreams in vibrant colour but who is as unstable as they are brilliant. A mind that is capable of beautiful creation and self-implosion in equal measures.“, Cobby describes the setting. As Brubaker said in an interview with Magnetic Mag: “Usually poets write. Sometimes poets speak. At our current moment in time, in the world now, maybe poets can or must take action.“ But what is a poet that can neither speak or write?”

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