Coming from the furtive Pittsburgh, PA experimental music community, Brednotbred’s modular synth workouts on Nest are deeply satisfying works that showcase a real, human heart beating at an odd time signature amongst the opening and closings of thousands of perfectly timed noise gates.

Brednotbred work in the realm of warped IDM and experimental modular synth music is deeply influenced by artists like Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares and Sweet Trip. With these artists providing broad sonic template,  we hear the blissful pairing of soothing ambient overtones and nostalgic melodies weaving their way through hyper-pointillist percussive patterns at a sight-blurring BPM.  This pairing is one of those supremely pleasing musical features that I find myself being naturally drawn to and seeking out – the sound of a thousand sources of sound congealing together to create track-wide movements like a magic eye painting finally snapping into place. There are plenty of those moments on Nest. By stepping back and un-focusing your ear you hear the track moving outside of its individual components. 

With Brednotbred’s association with Tome PA favorites {arsonist}, Spednar and Machinegirl, I am really happy to have become aware of Brednotbred’s hyper-real pointillist compositions and am looking forward to their next output as Nest has gained several repeat listens in a variety of contexts. 

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