In this two song EP, the London based Bloom’s Taxonomy tackles complex rhythmic patterns and compositional left-turns with an understated ease and an internal logic that exists only in the track. Buzzing with a synth line that sounds like a low-flying airplane, the bright arpeggios on “Locked In” seem to multiply and burst from within the first minute of “Locked In” in anticipation of the kick drum and bass line coming with a gale-force wind. These synth and bass lines prowl around each other like hungry wolves, steadily closing in on the center. These complex musical arrangements locking into place recall some of the brightest spots in artists like Four Tet and Bicep’s endlessly engaging catalog. 

“Sterile Spring” is a House inflected track that pulls together heavy analog reverb on the stately and sparse piano lines. A world of complex rhythmic patterns run riot beneath the surface, providing spacious detail of every element in its own place. Punctuating this composition before swan diving back into the propulsive beat is a  synth blasts that hang heavy in the air as the overlapping synth lines push and pull each other as the track mutates and evolves. 

For a two-track release, “Locked In” and “Sterile Spring represent a high level of complexity and dynamic range for Bloom’s Taxonomy. We are excited to hear what is next.

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