The experience, shape and color and proximity to music changes in idiosyncratic ways when we are under the influence of psychedelics. It just “hits different” as the kids say. Written with this in mind, the Australian one-man post-rock / math-rock band Bloomcore’s “Wonderflow” contemplates the liminal line between fore and background in music composition, explaining it thus: “Years ago when i heard music while under the influence i was fascinated with the idea of noticing sounds or textures or patterns or “flows” within music that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. It speaks to you in a different way. You notice the “undercurrent” of music a lot more. It’s like a completely different spirit once you notice it, and it makes you realize that music has all these multiple levels happening at once, it just depends on where your attention goes, and it depends what you then project onto what you’re perceiving.”

Like we’ve all experienced trying to actually “describe” the trip making any kind of analytical sense is a challenge, but even without this information in mind Bloomcore’s command of programming and counter-melodies provide a beautiful interplay and experience with or without the aid of a psychoactive substance.

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