BIINDS presents a haunting and disturbing world with their video for TITAN – remixed by DALEK. To give a bit of an introduction, BIINDS is a German group made up of consists of its founding members Nicolo Sommer and Christy Taylor. The loosely formed group performs a gritty and noisy approximation of Trip-Hop, Ambient and Industrial music. Taken from their website, “BIINDS distance themselves from conventional band line-ups, clichés and genres. BIINDS sound varies from the cold darkness of industrial, at times experimental ambient and trip hop.”

It is no wonder then that they asked fellow Industrial / Hip-Hop pioneer  DALEK to remix TITAN. DALEK has been active since the 90’s creating dark and dystopian visions with acerbic tongued lines and presaged the popularity of blending noise and rap by about 20 years.

On the video for TITAN (please do mind the seizure warnings) we hear BIINDS sculpt guitar feedback into an ambient loop before soothing vocals cut through mechanical chatter to deliver a grave warning. We see ghosts and ghostly apparitions float into our visual field accompanied by a discomforting visual shudder that hurts but makes it impossible to look away. Alien structures begin forming out of the heavy darkness. A sense that these primal shapes have always been floating in the periphery of our liminal awareness. Beats begin picking up. A luxurious and noise driven snare that approximates a boom bap happening somewhere in the universe. A skeleton floating through space while at a piano plays us out. 

The way that DALEK pulls this already dark composition under thick blackness while still balancing an aural softness through the vocals on “TITAN” is uncanny. This is our first introduction to BIINDS. They seem to have a visual and auditory aesthetic pretty honed in – even when they are traversing some nuanced lines between genres. We are excited to see further visual work from this group. 

Pairs well with: Hellbach

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